What is a City Changer Life Group?

A City Changer Life Group is a small group of people who meet outside of gatherings to journey in community together.


here are some of the other questions we get asked...

It’s so important to go beyond gatherings such as Sunday Celebrations or Ministry events like prayer or worship evenings, and intentionally journey together with other partners at Doxa Deo Community Church. This is where life happens – in smaller groups; and since our dream is to see our City transformed to be a place where God reigns, we can only do that by being a City Changer ourselves.

Every group has a unique feel and personality just as every person is different, but every group is a place to connect. Connection is where relationships and trust has opportunity to from. It’s very easy to be unconnected in a growing church so our connections must lead to environments of care. Being part of a City Changer Life Group positions every church partner into a direct location of connection and care.

Connecting and caring is characteristic of the church Jesus established through his disciples. We want you to be and feel plugged in to what is happening here. However, there is more!

Jesus didn’t only want us to connect to him and one another. Jesus didn’t want us only to care about this life and each other. Jesus wants us to personally grow. In a CCLG there are opportunities for you to grow with others in your understanding of who God is, your awareness of Jesus in your life and God’s spirit who helps us in our everyday. In your CCLG you will have opportunity to grow in your own personal spiritual journey and together with others see great things for yourself.

Yes, that is correct – connecting is just the beginning. As a growing church we have found that intentional community in our City Changer Life Groups enables us to care well for people. The first step to being cared for is being around people, who themselves, care for the people around them. This is the initial stage of providing care for people. We want everybody to know that being connected has purpose and gives strength to help every partner who connects to Doxa Deo Community Church to walk in a life of victory, with Jesus as the foundation before all things.
Not only do we care in City Changer Life Groups, we place real emphasis on growing. The bible talks about this as discipleship – it means to journey in personal growth and development. In our CCLGs we celebrate every step you take in the nurturing of your identity in Christ. Partly because it gives life and releases people to fulfil all their potential, but also because it empowers you to Go into your every day moment, applying the good news of the Gospel in every day circumstance and bringing the reign of God into every area of life! This is being a City Changer!

Joining a City Changer Life Group

Matt France, Ministry Leader at DDCC & City Leader of City Changer Life Group – [email protected]
Michelle Corin, Regional City Changer Life Group Leader [email protected]
Or email [email protected]

"For the earth will be filled With the knowledge of the glory of the LORD,
As the waters cover the sea."

Habakkuk 2:14