We can't wait to have you on Team!

We love welcoming new team players and are so happy to welcome You onto our team as we look forward to serving a bold mission together! Check out the options where you can serve and complete the contact form within to begin your steps to making the dream to transform lives a reality for others all around our World!

Who Can Serve?

Anyone with a passion to serve people makes the team a dynamic environment. You can get involved in any area of interest and bring creativity, wisdom and the skills that you have to strengthening the team!

What qualifications do I need?

Well... we have equipping steps for onboarding people into serving teams. Of course, we love to place people where they have a passion but will look to help you excel in your skill and gifting.

Where Do I Begin?

Well, begin by clicking the button on the team you'd like to serve in and complete the contact form. A member of our leading team will then contact you and discuss next steps which includes a short history of experiences, 2 references of character and the beginning of an enquiring process.

What happens next?

One of our team will follow up with you by email or phone to begin the journey with you and to make the steps to serving as smooth as possible.

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