Getting Involved

We love to give opportunity for people to get involved and ‘Play their part’ at Doxa Deo Community Church. So many great things happen here, which are only possible through committed teams who play their part in serving.

It is important for us to refer to everyone who serves as a ‘Called One’. In our heart we feel it very important to distinguish that we are not ‘volunteers’ but ‘Called Ones’ who serve the Church!

Play Your Part as a Called One

There are so many ways to contribute practically; from setting out cups of coffee at our Gatherings and getting the venue ready for a Sunday Celebrations, to teaching our kids about Jesus, running media and then packing it all away again. There are so many places that we would love to invite that you get involved.

Contact us and let us know your area of passion in serving. We would love to speak with you about how we can make this happen through a current team, or even in an area which doesn’t find itself in the above list.




please contact [email protected] regarding Welcoming

Welcoming is at the heart of who we are. It is so important to us that we welcome any new or first time visitors along with others who have been here for years with the same openness and warmth.
Doxa Deo Community Church aims to demonstrate, include and involved everyone in the family of God wherever possible.
This is a simple way to everyone to get involved. Don’t worry. You won’t be alone! And we will provide the necessary direction and training so that you can be confident in what to say and how to help all people who join us have a comfortable and positive experience. All you need to begin with, is a friendly face – so come and speak with us – we would love you to be involved here!

Doxa Deo Community Kids


please contact [email protected] to get involved in with DDCK

DDCK is the weekly Sunday Kids ministry. It is led by a Team of people who have pre-obtained a DBS check and undergone training with Litza, who oversees and leads the Kids Ministry across Doxa Deo Community Church.
Parents should sign-in and sign-out their children prior-to and following the time of ministry.
From arrival and setup to striking venue you can expect to serve 9.00am – 12.30pm, including the corporate time of worship at 10.30am.
We deeply value the importance of strengthening the future Church, all who are involved here.

Fusion Teens

Fusion Square-01

please contact [email protected] to get involved with Teen Ministry

Fusion Teens takes place during the Morning Celebration at Surbiton following a time of collective worship.
Teens ministry runs along side the timing of DDCK and Adult ministry.
Fusion Teens is a group where grace is discovered in community. There is a lot of scope to what can develop within the Teens ministry and our minds are always open to the ideas of the teens and the Called Ones for this ministry.


New Here

please contact [email protected] to get involved in Hospitality

While hospitality is a specified gift of the Spirit in scripture without our dedicated team who serve on Sundays and at various events we would lose one of the most enjoyable parts of getting together: sharing and talking over Coffee, Tea and refreshments!
The team is full of friendly faces who take pride in preparation ahead of the people who arrive and attend our Gatherings.

Info Desk

please contact [email protected] regarding the Info Desk

The Info Desk plays a vital role at Doxa Deo Community Church. There are a number of ways that we communicate but the Information Desk is one of the primary areas to sign up for events, courses and teams. All and any promotional material which communicates the church program can be found here. Team members are on hand to answer your questions, help with booking onto the next course and even help with card payments.
Could you be a source of information and good at solving queries? Then this may just be the role for you!



please contact [email protected] regarding Multimedia

Are you gifted in the tech area? It doesn’t matter – we train!
Multimedia is one of those amazing roles which few people think of yet has a great bearing on the success of a Gathering. From projection of song lyrics to clicking a video to run, this Service Team is a great and simple way to get involved in playing your part. It has the benefit (for some people) of being out of the limelight and yet we are so appreciative of the Ministry.



please contact [email protected] regarding Sound Team

The Sound Team is also an area with the benefit of serving outside of the limelight and public view. A sound engineer will require a certain skill level and ability to listen well, but again, we provide good training with refresher sessions throughout the year to equip our Called Ones and grow confidence levels.
It has the added benefit of allowing for interaction with many other service teams at our Gatherings so is a great way of getting to know fellow church partners.



please contact [email protected] to get involved on Setup

There is a lot of love for our faithful set up teams who bring plenty of practical support to the functioning of what we get to do at Doxa Deo Community Church Gathering and Events alike. If you’ve never served in a way of ministry before but you would like to get involved in a team then perhaps this is the perfect option for you.
All you need is to be willing, able and have a bit of grit about you! Sign up now!

Band/Music Team


please contact [email protected] regarding the Music Team

There is a lot of satisfaction when a musician is discovered or born among us. Regularly the team meets for rehearsal with plenty of opportunities to get involved in the ministry across the church.
We also run a superb step-by-step process of personal development within the ministry team, beginning as a 1st time Called One, through to leading the Ministry area.
Talk with one of the worship leaders to find out more or click the band icon to contact us now.

"For the earth will be filled With the knowledge of the glory of the LORD,
As the waters cover the sea."

Habakkuk 2:14