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Whilst church buildings all around the Nation experienced closures in 2020, the Church itself is open and alive!
We are connecting people together and reaching out to our City and the Globe because we want to see as many people as possible connect into community. Everyone recognises that knowing that you belonging is vital for our life journey, our emotional health and our wholeness.
We weren't meant to go alone - we are meant to do life together!

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    Our City Changer Life Groups are communities of people who connect with the purpose to grow together in the life journey of influencing and impacting their Cities and Communities.

    You can Lead your City Changer Life Group entirely online from anywhere in the world and with all kinds of opportunity to connect and share in transforming lives together.

    Where Do I Begin?

    Start off with those you know well - Family and Friends, Neighbours, Colleagues - share with them that you're starting bringing some people together online as a group by sending them a message or posting an invite into your social media channels.

    Once you're verified as a City Changer Life Group Leader with Doxa Deo London Online, you will even be able to make your group available in our listing and people can even join from other parts of the world! That is not an essential part of this online setup but great to know others can find home by landing on our site.

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