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If you're planning a visit, why not make your Kids Check in at the venue that much easier by registering your details ahead of time by clicking 'preparing to visit button'

There's loads of great kids songs in our Sunday playlist - keep up to speed with the new additions by subscribing to our channel here.

We love to make sure that the village is around for you when you need it most! There is never any shame in reaching out for support, and prayer is a great way to begin so contact Lizta and the Campus team today. It will be a joy to connect.

Every Thursday morning from 10.00 - 11.30am we run our amazing parent and toddler group called KidsROC. Visit our Facebook page and give it a like to connect into this part of our village.

For every partnering family you can access our Parent Cue App - this is where our village finds hints and hacks for carrying the story further at home!

We are not an 'events' ministry and focus our main times of investment around Sunday gatherings together with frequent activity, so when we do have an event you can be sure it's intently connected to our Mission and Impact.

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