Matt France - 29 August 2021

we GO together

We have run a series as a London Campus called If We Are The Body and in this last focus, Matt shares about going - our call as his church. Do you realise that the early church committed to following Jesus and living in a way that reflected it? They prayed together, shared life over a mealtime together, they resourced the mission of God together, committed to growing personally and growing others - together; but also.... to GOING into the world, together? Connect with us and request prayer by emailing us on [email protected]

From Series: "If we are the Body..."

"If we are the Body" could very well become one of our most defining series as a Church - you don't want and shouldn't want to miss this! We will love to hear what the Holy Spirit stirs in you and how we can connect to walk with you in the journey. Just email us on [email protected]

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